Ch. Dixie Darlin

Ch Dixie Darlin Taylor
 Click on link to see Dixie's  OFA  Health record:
Dixie Darlin has a true guardian temperament. This girl loves to guard her property and is the alpha of our pack. Say "let's walk" and she will dash into action walking her fence line. Dixie is our first Champion at Whiterose. She and I shared our very first dog show experience in the ring together. We had both only seen it done on TV. We jumped in with four paws and two feet and had a great time. Dixie was to be my the foundation for Whiterose. However we found through testing that she has a slight heart murmur so we chose not to breed her. She will be Aunt Dixie for our litters. I am sure she will be great at teaching the little ones the ins and outs of being a pyr.


We lost a bit of our hearts today with the passing of Dixie.  We were so very blessed to have loved and cared for her for 11 years and 4 months.  Now you are in the heaven with the birds that  you so loved to bark at Dixie.

Ch Dixie Darlin Taylor

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