Ch.Talisman Isabella at WhiteRose

Click on link to see Izzy's OFA health results:                      CHIC # 63992
Izzy B is my full of life sugar cube. She just soaks up your love and attention. The balance of the time she fills her days with stalking her brother Beau and trying to trick him out of his treats. Izzy finished her championship in style with four majors. She is the type girl you would breed for her temperament alone. Then add to that her elegant look and very sound structure and we feel she with be a great foundation bitch.

She was bred by Dale Dougherty of North Carolina at Talisman Great Pyrenees. Izzy has inherited so many great traits from both her sire Pneuma and her dam Sally. I can not wait to see the puppies she will produce. If they have even half the sweetness that she does every new owner will be very blessed to have them as part of their family.

12/17/2012: Izzy is the very proud Mom of nine outstanding pups.

It is with much heartbreak that I update this page and move it over to the Memorial page.  My world is a darker and the sky is gray without my Miss Izzy at my side. 
Nine years could never be enough with a soul as joyful as yours my Izzy.



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