King Of The Hill Sugar Bear

Sugar Bear put the light back in my eyes after the loss of my first pyr Rosie. As soon I saw a photo of him I knew he was my boy. Sugar Bear has always been and will always be my baby boy. I could not have named him any better as he is one big "sugar" boy. He just loves giving kisses and will cry if you stop petting him. One of his favorite pastimes is a good long golf cart ride. Sugar Bear was never to be part of our breeding program as we purchased him with a pet contract. However he has played his part by teaching us so much about some of his health issues. He has luxating patellas, and has had to have TPLO (knee) surgery. He also had food allergies. So with dealing with his many health issues it has become even more important to us to make sure we only breed dogs that pass all of their health tests. It takes healthy dogs to product healthy puppies.

It is with great sadness that we had to let go of our sweet boy. We lost him after 7 1/2 years but will love him for our lifetime.  With the passing of Sugar Bear I learned what it means to love  another soul enough to let them go when you know it is what is best for them.  Run free and happy at Rainbow bridge baby boy, until we meet again.